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GIVE YOUR HOME UNIQUE APPEAL WITH OUR HARDWOOD FLOORING When it comes to classic floor styling, hardwood timber flooring gives a unique appeal that homeowners can’t get enough of. With a smooth and durable finish, hardwood floors provide a lasting appeal that brings warmth and beauty into your rooms. Eco-friendly, natural and renewable, this type of flooring is a valuable addition to your home. As the provider of timber flooring Sydney and South Coast area residents trust, Timberclub Australia offers the best prices for your floor solutions. You’ll be surprised at how low you only need to pay to experience the unmatched quality of our wooden floors. Our products come in both pre-finished and raw floating timber, providing a range of benefits for your interiors:
  • Added insulation and natural warmth for your space
  • Long lasting beauty and low maintenance
  • Practical floor solution with versatile designs and a range of colors
  • Exceptional floor quality and customization

Solid Timber Flooring ( 19mm Raw )

Raw solid timber flooring is the unfinished timber floors which are finished onsite. It is not stained or sealed and is exceptionally versatile. It allows you to create your finish that suits your home. They are incredibly stable and provides for a better uniform seal and finish by filling the gaps between each piece. Because it’s raw, you can choose light or dark stains, glossy or matte finishes and even oiled finish for the natural look. Sanding the floors while installation has its benefits too. It lets the installer do the border and edges and other elements which are not normally available with factory prefinished flooring. Available in 80/130mm W * 19mm T. Available Grade : Select / Stand / Feature.

Solid Timber Flooring ( 18mm Prefinished )

Pre-finished flooring is solid hardwood flooring that comes already sanded, sealed, and ready to nail into place. After the flooring installation is complete, literally you're prepared to go. Your new floor is prepared for use Unfinished and pre-finished flooring is installed the same way, with only a few minor differences. With pre-finished flooring, no sanding or coating is required on site. That means you do not have to move your furniture out of the house. There are less dust and fumes. Conveniently, you do not have to move out during installation. Available size: 80/92/110/130mm W * 18mm T. Available Grade: Better. Finish: Semi-glossy.

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